Points of how to choose car insurance

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Auto insurance is indispensable for a safe car life.
I will explain how to choose car insurance. I will help you choose the best insurance without waste and effort!

What is the difference between compulsory automobile & voluntary insurance?

The first thing to keep in mind is that automobile insurance includes automobile liability insurance and voluntary insurance.
Automobile liability insurance is an insurance that all automobiles are obliged to take out. This is to cover the financial burden that the perpetrator must bear in order to rescue the victim of a car accident. Compensation is only for the victim’s physical damage, and there is no compensation for the property (cars and things) of others, including the victim’s, or the perpetrator’s own damage.
In addition, there is an upper limit to the amount of compensation, up to 288780 USD for death, 385041 USD for residual disability, and 11551 USD for injury. If any further compensation is incurred, the perpetrator will have to pay for it.
No matter where you take out compulsory automobile liability insurance, the premium and coverage will not change, but there is no settlement negotiation service. It is not always sufficient as a preparation in case of an accident.

On the other hand, voluntary insurance can cover damage to the property of the perpetrator himself or others including the victim.
Depending on the accident, the amount of compensation is often high, so voluntary insurance is essential.

Also, there are many types of special contracts among voluntary insurance, and the coverage varies depending on the insurance company. What to choose, how much compensation to give … The points of choice will change depending on each person’s lifestyle.

So what kind of car insurance should you choose?

What quite insurance is out there for car insurance (voluntary insurance)?

The types of compensation for automobile insurance (voluntary insurance) can be broadly classified into three types.

Compensation for people

Compensation for the other person in a personal accident, or compensation for yourself or your passengers.

Compensation for cars and things

Compensation for the contracted car or compensation for the car or object of the other party damaged by the accident.

Other compensation

There are different types, such as roadside assistance and attorney’s fees.
In most cases, these are usually special contracts.

How to choose an automobile insurance special contract?

A special contract is a compensation that provides more detailed compensation for situations that cannot be covered by the main insurance alone.
There are a wide variety of special contracts available these days, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle.
Here are some special contracts.


Road Assistance Special Contract

This is a special contract that pays first aid costs, transportation costs, accommodation costs, transportation costs, etc. in the event that the contracted car becomes inoperable due to an accident, breakdown or trouble.
In general automobile insurance, road service (road assistance) is set automatically, and the cost is included in the insurance premium.
On the other hand, with Adult Automobile Insurance, if the customer has already subscribed to other road assistance services such as membership-based road services and credit card incidental services, the insurance premiums can be saved by removing the road assistance. You can also.


Attorney’s fee special contract

A lawyer who occurs when a registered insured person, his / her family, or a person in a contracted car suffers a personal injury accident or property damage accident caused by a car and makes a claim for damages to the other party. We will pay the fee and legal advice.
The insurance company cannot negotiate a settlement on behalf of the customer in the case of a damage accident that is not personal to you. Therefore, in the case of a damage accident, you need to negotiate with the other party yourself. For the general public, it is not easy to negotiate a settlement with little knowledge and experience. In such a case, it is safe to set an attorney’s fee special contract to cover the cost of consulting or delegating a lawyer.

Personal liability special contract

This is a special contract that will be compensated if you or your family injure another person or destroy someone else’s property due to an accident in your daily life, not a car accident.
It is a good idea to consider not only yourself but also the range of activities of your family.
As for the personal liability special contract for adult automobile insurance, it is safe to let the person in charge negotiate the settlement with unlimited insurance amount and with settlement negotiation service.

 Bicycle injury special contract

This is a special contract that allows you to receive compensation for injuries caused by an accident while riding a bicycle. It can be used in cases such as when you fall on a bicycle and get injured and are hospitalized, or when you hit a bicycle while walking and have a residual disability. (*)
If you injure the other party, you will be compensated by the personal liability insurance instead of the bicycle injury insurance.
* Bicycle injury special contract does not cover outpatient treatment.

What are the characteristics of adult car insurance?

Adult car insurance is a direct type (mail order type) insurance, so taking full advantage of its merits, cheaper and more fulfilling compensation plans are available for the adult generation who have a high tendency to drive safely.

Basic compensation and selectable compensation

Adult car insurance has basic compensation and selectable compensation.
The basic compensation covers unlimited personal compensation, objective compensation, and uninsured vehicle injury. Since personal injury and driving of other vehicles are included in the basic compensation, you can prepare for accidents with uninsured vehicles as well as compensation for the other party in a car accident.
With selectable compensation, you can choose the compensation content according to each car life. It is attractive to be able to customize the compensation that suits you, considering the balance between insurance premiums and compensation.

Insurance premium is only for the amount your ran

Each person uses a car.
Those who occasionally use a car for weekend shopping and travel. Those who use a car every day for transportation to and from the station and commuting.
Adult Automobile Insurance calculates insurance premiums according to the mileage of the past year.
It is a rational mechanism tailored to each individual. Especially recommended for those who have a short mileage the previous year.

Insurance premiums for people in their 40s and 50s with low accident rates are cheap (*)

The accident rate gradually declines in the 20s and 30s, and is the lowest in the 40s and 50s.
Adult car insurance uses a premium system in increments of 1 year. By reflecting the accident rate for each age in the insurance premium, we have realized a convincing insurance premium system that makes it cheaper for people in their 40s and 50s.
* Comparison with other generations in this product under the same conditions.

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