IHS Markit Likely to Join Race for Crypto Indexes on Wall Street: Exec

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IHS Markit will likely join the cryptocurrency index game, Director of Financial Services Adam Kansler said during Wednesday’s financial analysis.

Kansler told analysts that IHS Markit already has “expert partnerships” with crypto companies such as Lukka to the source of banking and reference data. These databases could form the basis of a cryptocurrency index market although Kansler said IHS Markit is currently using them to help customers value the portfolio.

“So it’s an area where we will continue to focus not only on the side of the charges, but maybe even moving to the index side in the near future as well,” he said, referring to the currencies.

IHS Markit officials agreed Wednesday that bitcoin has a vision behind it. Chairman and CEO Lance Uggla said the young people of his company are cutting for more products in the crypto space, even if the company does not have “something big and important” in the pipeline.

“Therefore, we have every millennium working for us thinking we should have special pricing, data services, software and participation around a market that is actually legislating itself. So we have to take it seriously, ”he said.

IHS Markit is committed to a strong position in crypto on several fronts. In November, it partnered with data center Lukka to develop crypto data products for Wall Street. And one of S&P Global, which has agreed to buy IHS Markit for $ 44 billion, already has plans to build a cryptocurrency platform with Lukka.

Representatives for IHS Markit and Lukka did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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