Auto insurance premiums will increase all at once! Why is car insurance going up and what to do about it?

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As long as you drive a car, it is inevitable to take out automobile insurance. Even if you are careful about accident-free insurance and various insurance settings in order to reduce insurance premiums as much as possible, there are cases where the price increases all at once in the industry as a whole. It is recommended that you understand the cause of the price increase, as it may or may not be personal. Here, we will explain why car insurance is going up and what you can do to keep your insurance premiums low.

Why does car insurance continue to rise?

The mechanism of automobile insurance is an indispensable point in understanding the premium of automobile insurance. Auto insurance is a system in which all policyholders help each other in the unlikely event of an accident and the need to pay insurance claims .

Therefore, if many people do not use automobile insurance, it can be said that the financial resources for insurance money are sufficient, but if the number of accidents increases or the payment of insurance money becomes high , the financial resources will be insufficient, so the insurance premium will be raised. Otherwise, insurance payments will be delayed. This is a major reason for the rise in insurance premiums.

In addition, if the reference net rate or tax increase that insurance companies use when calculating insurance premiums occurs, the insurance premiums will increase proportionally. Here, I would like to keep in mind that the price increase is not always uniform .

The generation and vehicle type that are likely to cause an accident may be identified based on the insurance claim usage status of the subscriber, and the rate of increase in the price of the applicable contractor may increase. In addition, the amount of price increase varies depending on the insurance company, and it often varies depending on the insurance item you have.

If the premium increases significantly due to the price increase, it is recommended to consider it as an opportunity to review the insurance and carefully review it .

Will insurance premiums be high even without accidents?

In general, some people think that insurance premiums will be cheaper if you do not use automobile insurance without accidents.

However, there are cases where insurance premiums are high even without accidents . That is when the mileage increases or various discounts such as new car discounts and gold license discounts are no longer applied. It depends on how you drive the car, so if you are careful, you can handle it individually.

On the other hand, what cannot be done by individuals is the increase in the insured’s age , the rate class by vehicle type, and the increase in insurance premiums due to the revision of insurance premiums .

The increase in the insured’s age, the rate class by vehicle type, and the increase in insurance premiums due to the revision of insurance premiums are not the part that individuals can control, no matter how careful they are. No one can delay the increase in age, and it is impossible to stop the revision of insurance premiums.

Even if the rate class is reviewed once a year, all people in the same type of car are eligible , so even if you drive safely, if other people frequently cause accidents, the rate class Will increase, and insurance premiums will also increase.

If you feel that your insurance premiums have risen even though you haven’t had any accidents , check whether the price is rising for the part that you can manage or for the part that you can’t manage . On top of that, it is important to devise ways to reduce insurance premiums.

How to keep insurance premiums low?

If you want to keep your car insurance cheap, review your insurance first. It is essential to carefully consider whether each item meets your needs and whether there are any unnecessary items.

We also recommend checking for available discounts, such as internet discounts and discounts due to non-issuance of securities . Adjusting the deductible amount and coverage of vehicle insurance, which saves a lot of money, within a reasonable range also helps to keep insurance premiums low. Just

because insurance premiums have increased does not mean that all insurance companies have the same amount of increase . Even with the same insurance conditions, the premium varies depending on the insurance company. Therefore, if you can find an insurance company with a low premium, you can keep the premium low just by changing the insurance company .

The recommended way to find an insurance company is to use the  Insurance Company Bulk Quote . Under the same conditions, you can compare insurances, and you only need to request a quote from multiple companies at once, so it’s easy and hassle-free.

In order to deal with the rise in automobile insurance prices, it is essential to review the insurance. It is important not only to check various items and settings, but also to find an insurance company with a low premium .

By comparing car insurance using a one-time quote, you can keep your premiums low and find the one that suits you better. The best time to renew your insurance.

Why don’t you check the car insurance you need for yourself and your family once again and review the car insurance with a lump sum estimate so that you can send a fun car raf with peace of mind.

What is vehicle insurance? Do I Need Vehicle Insurance for My Car Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is a type of automobile insurance that covers damage to your car due to an accident.

In particular

  • Repair costs for my car due to an accident
  • Replacement cost when your car is scrapped (total loss)
  • Repair costs such as hit-and-run (possible depending on the plan)

It will be insurance to prepare for such things.

As mentioned at the beginning, depending on the insurance plan, there are special contracts that cover the cost of the substitute vehicle during repair (may include arrangements).

Vehicle insurance is not a must-have insurance

Vehicle insurance is one of the voluntary insurance coverage, not the compulsory insurance that people who own or drive a car always get. For example, California liability insurance is compulsory insurance and it is compulsory to join. If you drive a car without joining, there are also penalties.

However, voluntary insurance is insurance that you choose whether to take out or not. Since the liability insurance alone is not enough, it is highly necessary to take out the insurance, but you can choose the insurance that suits you, such as what kind of compensation and how much compensation you want.

How do I determine if my car needs vehicle insurance?

Unlike other insurance, vehicle insurance has a clear maximum coverage. For example, in the case of medical expenses for injuries caused by accidents, I don’t know how much it will cost, so it is unknown how much insurance should be set.

However, for vehicles, maximum coverage = cost for your vehicle. Specifically, it will be the cost of the main body of the vehicle and accessories. Consider whether your car needs vehicle insurance in terms of how much of that cost needs to be covered by insurance.

Also, if you think that you don’t need to spend money to repair the car (planned to be scrapped), the need for vehicle insurance will be low.


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